Use a Custom domain with Gmail for FREE (Without G Suite subscription)

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Do you know you can send and receive emails using your own domain right from your Gmail account? For this, you do not need to subscribe to a plan on G Suite. You just need to do some little tweaks on the Gmail account. And it is better to do these tweaks instead of paying money on G Suite subscription.


  1. An email account created with your custom domain. (Guide below)
  2. A Gmail account.

Create an email with the domain name

Create an email with your custom domain on your web hosting(skip this if you already created one). You can do this in the Email Accounts section. See the image below, I have created the email on my Hostinger web host account. On your web host, it may look different, but the functions are almost the same.

create an email with custom domain

Also, you can log in to the webmail with this email. The webmail address for your domain is usually like,, for my case it is You can find the address on the Email Accounts page.

But to access the emails on Gmail you do not need to login to the webmail account.

Settings for use custom domain with Gmail

On your Gmail account, you have to connect the custom email account. This process needs two steps. One is to read emails directly in the Gmail inbox, another is to send new mails with the custom domain from Gmail.

1 | Setup Gmail to read emails from a custom email account

  1. On the Gmail Settings page go to Check mail from other accounts under the Accounts and Import tab.
  2. Click on Add a mail account link. You can see on the below image, I have already added an email for a custom domain.
Gmail Chek mail from other accounts settings 1
  1. A new pop up window will open, put your email with custom domain there, and proceed Next.
Gmail Chek mail from other accounts settings 2
  1. Proceed to next with the Import emails from my other account (POP3) option.
  1. Now you need to collect the email account credentials and Incoming mail server(POP3) details. You will get the POP3 details on your web host email settings.
Incoming email server POP3 details of Hostinger
Incoming email server (POP3) details of Hostinger
  1. Fill the details. Tick on Leave a copy….(it will leave a copy on the custom mail inbox), check the Always use a secure connection(SSL), and create a label to recognize the mails from the custom mail.
Gmail Chek mail from other accounts settings 4

The email with the custom domain is now set. From now all the emails on the custom email account will be retrieved by Gmail and you can see the mails with the tag(like my tag is PG). See the below image…

Gmail inbox tag applied for custom mail accounts.

On the next screen, Gmail will ask you to do settings to send emails with the custom mail. You can proceed with it(see step by step guide below).

Gmail add other account to send mail option

2 | Setup Gmail to send mails using email with a custom domain

  1. On your Gmail Settings page under Account and Import page go to the section Send mail as and click on the Add another email address link.
Set up Gmail to send mails using email with a custom domain 1
  1. Type a name for the email address, the name will be used to send emails and type your email address with the custom domain.
Set up Gmail to send mails using email with a custom domain 2
  1. Next, you need to find the SMTP(Outgoing mail server) details of your custom domain. You will find this on the Email Settings of the web host.
SMTP details of Hostinger web host
  1. Configure the SMTP server on Gmail and put the email credential.
Set up Gmail to send mails using email with a custom domain 3
  1. Now you need to log in to the email address created with the custom email(on the webmail account). You will get a mail from Gmail to verify the connection. Copy the verification code and paste it on the configuration page to verify it.
Set up Gmail to send mails using email with a custom domain 4

You are now all set to send emails from Gmail using the email with the custom domain. Now when you will create a new mail select the custom email on the From field as the image below.

Gmail send mail using email account with custom domain

Wrapping up

This setting is very useful as you do not need to log in to different accounts. Only using the Gmail account you will have all the access. Although you do not need to, you also can set up the custom email on an email client like Mozilla Thunderbird.

And if you have enabled email forwarding on the custom email to your primary account(Gmail account) you can disable this, as this setting will retrieve the all emails from the custom created email account.

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