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How to Create a Link to a Text of a webpage

Have you ever wanted to link to a particular web page segment but found no anchors to facilitate it? The Create a Link for a Text tool empowers you to create links that jump to exact sentences or paragraphs of a webpage, even if the original author didn’t set up # anchors.


The primary advantage of this tool becomes evident in web design and content creation. Imagine you’re embedding an external link on your webpage. Instead of directing readers to the beginning of a lengthy article, you can guide them precisely to the most relevant section. This is especially useful when:

  • The target page lacks anchor links, making it challenging to direct readers to specific content.
  • You want to emphasize a particular point from an external source.
  • Ensuring a streamlined experience for your readers, saving them time from unnecessary scrolling or searching.

How It Works:

  1. Enter the URL: Start by inputting the webpage URL you wish to link to.
  2. Highlighting Preference: Choose to highlight a single sentence or paragraph.
    • Sentence Highlight: Type the text from the page you intend to link/highlight.
    • Paragraph Highlight: Input the first and last word of the paragraph you’re targeting.
  3. Generate the Link: Click “Generate,” the tool crafts a custom URL leading directly to the specified section.
  4. Ready to Share: The “Copy” button snags the newly created URL. It’s now primed and ready for embedding in your content.

Note: This tool is built upon modern browser capabilities. It’s a good practice to check the generated URL across various browsers to ensure consistent performance. If the target page eventually adds or alters content, the specific locations could shift; therefore, periodic verification is recommended.