Positive Geek in Brattleboro, Vermont is your home for everything geeky, kitschy, and nerdtastic. We offer classic and contemporary action figures, board games, Magic cards, cosplay and costume accessories and outfits, vintage and funky clothing, jewelry for geeks, and a whole lot more. We also offer gaming five days a week!

Halloween costumes and cosplay supplies are in abundance at Positive Geek. We have a wide range of Halloween outfits for children and adults. Combine pre-made outfits and accessories with a shirt, skirt, dress, or socks from the most extensive collection of clothing for geeks in the area!

Vintage, pre-owned and new clothing for nerds are found in abundance right here in beautiful Brattleboro, Vermont. A wide range of handmade jewelry can combine for a perfect look for fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and anime.

Magic drafts and tournaments also take place every week in the gaming center of Positive Geek. Come in and try your hand playing against some fun, interesting players.

Science toys and educational games are a highlight of Positive Geek. Play with light, learn about astronomy, and grow plants with our easy-to-use kits.

Play with toys, games, and more for children and adults. Try your hand at classic video games like Duck Hunt, Mario Brothers, played on the original consoles.

Brattleboro is our home, and we are proud to be a member of this unique, diverse city nestled in southeastern Vermont.

Positive Geek has something for geeks of any nature, and we welcome you to beam over anytime.

Current Events:

Past Events:

Our Regular Schedule:

Restful Mondays: ( - ) We're closed. Probably.

Beta Tuesdays: (10-8) Come on in and try out new games made by locals or bring your own homebrew.

Board Wednsdays: (10-8) Get through the humpday by playing with or against others in a selection of board games.

* Game Time: (5PM-8PM) Bring your friends! Bring your games!

Magic Thursdays: (10-8) For all the tryhard of Tragic: The Gardening, now its your time!

* Draft: (5PM-8PM) They haven't banned most of the cards yet!

Tragic Fridays: (10-8) Bring your deck! Use banned cards! Get beaten by a 10 year old!

* Game Time: (5PM-8PM) Where meta goes to die!

Adventerous Saturdays: (10-8) Join us on a variety of adventures in variety of systems. Never split the party!

* First Adventure: (2PM-3PM) Adventures abound - assuming GM gets here in time!

* Second Adventure: (5PM-8PM) Why multi-class when you can multi-game?

Early Sundays: (12-5) Bring in your child to our Dungeons and Daycare!

* Children D&D: (1PM-3PM) It's never too early to learn how to powergame!

Positive Geek has its own marketplace on TCGPlayer.com! Check it out for all of your Magic needs, when you just can't make it to the store but need your local Magic fix.

Positive Geek stocks a great deal of products for the variety of fandoms and discerning customer of geeky tastes.


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Positive Geek is located at Brattleboro, Vermont, United States, Earth. Solar System on the edge of Alpha and Beta Sectors. We try to respond to most methods of subspace communications, but have the highest success rate in replying through local communication systems such as E-Mail(PositiveGeekStore@Gmail.com)
and Telephone (802-246-1150).